Comparison: Developers' Proposal vs. Charrette Vision

Developers' Proposal

Strip Shopping Center anchored by Big Boxes and surrounded by High-Density 6-story Apartments and Townhouses.

Charrette Vision

Key Development Program for Armory Square (Quoted from final Charrette Presentation): Walkable Network of Streets • A wide variety of housing within a 5 minute walk • A range of retailing options – from specialty retailer to medium box and possibly one large box • Adaptive reuse of the Armory building (e.g., community center, black box theater, offices, retail market) • Highly detailed central public space (1-1.5 acres) • Entertainment/hospitality (e.g., restaurants, theater, hotel) • Extensive landscaping • Structured parking is preferred • Preservation of existing trees and ravine area • Improvement of Dares Beach Road as a median-divided boulevard