TO: Calvert County Commissioners

FROM: A Taxpaying Citizen of Calvert County

SUBJECT: Citizens Deserve Better


The citizens of Calvert County value their quality of life and have fought for the preservation of the rural character of the County for decades.  This Board of Commissioners has completely shut out its citizens in major decisions that have been made recently that will only benefit certain (non-local) businesses.


Enough is Enough! The Commissioners MUST do better to serve the people they represent by:


  1. Creating a Citizen Participation Program that will (a) open up ALL meetings to the public by advertising them on the County’s website, social media, the County’s current notification system, etc.; (b) encourage citizens to speak out about issues affecting them; (c) allow questions at public hearings; and (d) require the Commissioners to truly consider the comments, documents and letters submitted by citizens before taking action.

  2. Reinstate Maurice Lusby and Michael Phipps to the Planning Commission and replace those members who previously served as campaign staff to any Commissioner. Also require any members of the Small Business Interest Group to recuse themselves on issues for which they previously lobbied the Commissioners (e.g., sign regulations).

  3. Defer action on any and all regulations, especially the pending sign regulations, until after the completion of the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and all Town Center Master Plans.

  4. Allow each Town Center to develop its own appearance code, including sign regulations, and ensure that all citizens that live near those Town Centers are involved in this process.

  5. Hold additional workshops for citizens to receive information and share their opinions about the new Suburban Residential designation, the expansion of the Huntingtown and Prince Frederick Town Centers, the removal of farm and forest areas, and expansion of new industrial areas proposed on the Land Use Map.

  6. Use the current Comprehensive Plan, which has served the citizens well in preserving the rural character and preventing “Waldorf-like” development, as a basis for the new Comprehensive Plan, rather than starting from scratch with a new Plan that will do just the opposite.  

  7. DO NOT exempt national chains from any of our current regulations, especially  the Town Center appearance codes and sign regulations.

  8. It is obvious that the “Small Business Interest Group” does not represent LOCAL businesses. The Commissioners should develop a program that does. LOCAL businesses are being undermined by the fact that the Commissioners have exempted national chains from appearance codes and sign regulations. This gives the chains an unfair advantage over LOCAL businesses who have always abided by the regulations. These regulations have been developed based on the Comprehensive Plan and Town Center Master Plans, and the enforcement of these regulations has resulted in attractive developments which have in turn improved the quality of life of Calvert Countians.


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