Proposed Sign Regulations

Public Hearing: August 22, 2017

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Use this link to view staff's public hearing presentation, which includes the proposed sign regulations.

Click here to read the Coalition's statement made at the August 22nd public hearing.

Use the following links to see what's being deleted from the Town Centers:

And here is the draft of Sign Guidelines that the County is proposing to use for all Town Centers.

Below is the list of non-residential uses permitted outside the Town Centers which will be entitled to erect most of the sign types that are proposed to be permitted inside the Town Centers. Uses marked with an asterisk (*) are only allowed on commercial or industrial properties. NOTE: Electronic Message Signs will only be permitted for Industrial uses outside the Town Centers.

Agri-Tourism & Eco-Tourism Uses:


  1. Agri-tourism Enterprise

  2. Farm Campgrounds

  3. Canoe & Kayaking Launch Sites

  4. Commercial Kitchens on Farms

  5. Eco-tourism Enterprise

  6. Farm Support Businesses

  7. Hunting Services

  8. Public Events on Farms

  9. Rental Facilities on Farms

  10. Sports Practice Fields on Farms

    Agricultural Uses:

  11. Animal Husbandry

  12. Aqua-culture Facilities, Freshwater & Land-based

  13. Aqua-culture Facilities, Marine/Estuary

  14. Retail Commercial Greenhouses

  15. Wholesale Commercial Greenhouses

  16. Commercial Kennels w/Indoor Facilities

  17. Commercial Kennels w/Outdoor Facilities

  18. Horse-back Riding Stables & Clubs

  19. Commercial Raising of Fur-Bearing Animals

  20. Farms

  21. Farm Breweries

  22. Farm Distilleries

  23. Farm Stands

  24. Tree Farms

  25. Farm Wineries

  26. Garden Centers or Farm Supply Stores*

  27. Commercial Livestock Auction House

  28. Non-Profit Livestock Auction House

  29. Retail (Plant) Nurseries

  30. Wholesale (Plant) Nurseries

  31. Vet Hospitals for Livestock

  32. Vet Hospitals for Small Animals*

    Retail Commercial Uses:

  33. Agricultural Machinery & Equipment*

  34. Antique Sales*

  35. Art Galleries*

  36. Auction Buildings*

  37. Boat Dealerships*

  38. Home Improvement Centers*

  39. Artisan & Crafters’ Markets*

  40. Farmers’ Markets*

  41. Flea Markets*

  42. Seafood Markets

  43. Retail Commercial Buildings*

  44. Outdoor Seasonal Display Areas*

    Business & Personal Service Uses:

  45. Commercial Boat Storage*

  46. Boatel*

  47. Commercial Kitchens*

  48. Commercial Pier*

  49. Commercial Trade or Business School*

  50. Corporate Headquarters*

  51. Crematorium*

  52. Eating Establishments w/No Outdoor Patron Area*

  53. Eating Establishments w/Outdoor Patron Area*

  54. Flex Space Businesses*

  55. Funeral Homes*

  56. Industrial Laundry Facilities*

  57. Laundromats*

  58. Motel or Hotel*

  59. Nightclub or Lounge*

  60. Nightclub or Lounge w/Outdoor Patron Area*

  61. Non-Farm Breweries*

  62. Non-Farm Distillaries*

  63. Non-Farm Wineries*

  64. Medical Offices & Clinics*

  65. Non-Medical Offices*

  66. Office Support Services*

  67. Personal Services (nail salons, etc.)*

  68. Taverns & Bars*

  69. Taverns & Bars w/Outdoor Patron Area*

    Recreation Uses:

  70. Campground and/or RV Camp

  71. Commercial or Non-Profit Meeting or Banquet Halls*

  72. Convention Centers*

  73. Drive-in Theatres*

  74. Golf Courses

  75. Marinas*

  76. Indoor Commercial Recreation Facility (bowling alleys, etc.)*

  77. Fitness Centers*

  78. Art Studios*

  79. Outdoor Recreation Facilities (mini golf, batting cages, etc.)*

  80. Day Retreats

  81. Indoor Target Ranges*

  82. Outdoor Target Ranges

  83. Institutional Target Ranges

    Commercial Wholesale Uses:

  84. Mini Storage*

  85. Indoor Warehouses*

  86. Outdoor Warehouses*

  87. Wholesale Lumber Sales*

  88. Indoor Wholesaling*

    Motor Vehicle Related Uses:

  89. Public Parking Lots & Garages*

  90. Automobile Parts Dismantling & Storage*

  91. Auto Repair Shops*

  92. Bus Lots*

  93. Car Washes*

  94. Commuter Parking Lots*

  95. Motor Vehicle Accessory Shop*

  96. Other Motor Vehicle Related Uses*

  97. Impoundment Lots

  98. Truck, Bus & Diesel Repair Shops*

  99. Vehicle Ferry Service*

    Industrial Uses:

  100. Agricultural/Livestock/Seafood Processing Plant

  101. Commercial Fuel Storage*

  102. Commercial Recycling Facility*

  103. Grain Elevators*

  104. Wood-Drying Kilns

  105. Landfills, Land-Clearing Debris

  106. Landfills, Rubble *

  107. Landfills, Sanitary

  108. Light Manufacturing & Assembly Plants

  109. Commercial or Industrial Outdoor Storage*

  110. Commercial Power Generating Facilities

  111. Research & Development Facilities*

  112. Salvage and/or Junkyards*

  113. Sand, Gravel & Mining Extraction & Processing*

  114. Sand, Gravel & Mining Extraction w/No Processing

  115. Commercial Sawmills

  116. Excavating or Contractor’s Storage of Machinery & Equipment*

    Institutional Uses:

  117. Colleges & Universities*

  118. Day Care Centers (sign regs in conditions)

  119. Schools

  120. Fire & Rescue Services

  121. Libraries

  122. Museums

  123. Nursing Homes

  124. Churches

  125. Public or Governmental Buildings

  126. Public or Non-Profit Park or Rec Area

  127. Solid Waste Collection Site

  128. Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    Unclassified Uses:

  129. Airport or Landing Fields

  130. Cemeteries and Memorial Gardens

  131. Heliports

  132. Construction Trailers

  133. Sales Trailers

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Deadline: 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 21.

Citizens may submit written comments to the Planning Commission & County Commissioners via mail, e-mail or fax:​​

•Calvert County Commissioners, 175 Main Street, Prince Frederick, MD 20678


•Fax:  410-535-5594

Have Questions? Email Jenny Plummer-Welker at the Dept. of Planning & Zoning or call: (410) 535-1600 ext. 2356 

Below is a presentation that explains clearly and concisely what effects the proposed sign regs will have on our County *Hover mouse over video to expand to full screen, pause, rewind, etc.**Some slides were copied from the Dept. of Planning & Zoning presentation made at the August 22, 2017 public hearing.**

Watch the Video and then Take Our Survey!

This slideshow was created by Randi Vogt & Miriam Gholl, who worked together for the Calvert County Dept. of Planning & Zoning before they both retired. While working for P&Z, Mrs. Vogt wrote Town Center Master Plans and served as staff liaison to the Architectural Review Committees of several Town Centers.  Once the Master Plans were written, Mrs. Gholl wrote Zoning Ordinances to implement those Master Plans. Both Mrs. Vogt and Mrs. Gholl were members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)


We have created a brief survey to gather comments and opinions about the proposed sign regulations. At the end of the survey, you have the option of submitting your responses (plus additional comments) into the record.

Click here to access the survey.