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Posted August 26, 2016
On August 25, 2016 the Calvert Coalition for Smart Growth, through it's Attorney, Nicholas Ferrante, filed a Petition for Judicial Review of the County Commissioners' approval of the text change commonly known as "Armory Square".  The Petition is the first step in appealing the case to Circuit Court.  More information will be posted to this page as it becomes available.  The basis of the appeal is that we believe the decision is inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan, along with all of the other concerns and objections we raised during the public hearing process.

Appeals such as this can be lengthy and very costly. If you support CCSG's position and wish to make a financial donation to help defray the costs of mounting this appeal, please use the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page.*

*Please Note: Because CCSG is a 501-3(c)(4) non-profit organization (which allows us to participate in political issues) your donation may not be tax deductible. 

If you do not wish to donate but want to stay up-to-date on issues in which CCSG is involved, click here to join the Coalition or follow us on Facebook here.

A Decision is Scheduled!!
Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 10:45 a.m.*
The County Commissioners have scheduled a decision on the Armory Square Text Amendments for this Tuesday, July 26th.  The decision is scheduled for 10:45 a.m., but the meeting starts at 10 a.m.​  If you plan to attend, we suggest getting there no later than 10:30, as it's hard to predict how long the other agenda items will take, and you wouldn't want to miss it!  The agenda can be viewed here.

Equally as interesting as the decision is a Work Session scheduled immediately afterward with the County Attorney.  The purpose of the Work Session is to discuss "The Former Middle School Property and Armory Square Properties".  Click here to read the County Attorney's memo, which is attached to the agenda.  Very interesting ....

Hope to see you at the meeting!  

Board of County Commissioners


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OR Email: commiss@co.cal.md.us

Planning Commission

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OR Email: cookmb@co.cal.md.us

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Update on Coalition's Appeal of Armory Square Decision 

Posted April 9, 2017
We are still awaiting the Judge's ruling as to whether our case should be dismissed. A hearing was held March 1st and our attorney made very compelling arguments as to why it should be heard by the Court.  We will post an update as soon as we receive the Judge's decision.


Posted January 13, 2017
The Coalition had its first day in court January 13, 2017 in its appeal of the County Commissioners' decision on Armory Square.  After consulting with the Coalition's attorneys and the attorneys for the County, the Judge decided to postpone the hearing until March 1st to allow more time to prepare to present arguments regarding a preliminary matter. The decision made after the March 1st hearing will determine whether we proceed with the case at this level and if so, additional court dates will be scheduled at that time.

Appeal of Armory Square Decision Filed with Circuit Court
Preserving Our Quality of Life...
What Can You Do To Help?

Members of the CCSG are often asked, "What Can I Do to Help?" We have plenty of opportunities and we welcome any help you can offer!

  1. Support the Coalition by becoming a member here, following us on Facebook and making a donation to help us pay our legal fees in our appeal of the Armory Square decision (see below for an update).

  2. Invite your friends and family to join us.

  3. Stay involved in the Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Ordinance updates by attending meetings, commenting, and inviting your neighbors to get involved as well. See the schedule of upcoming meetings to the right.  We need to protect the Comp Plan and ZO to preserve our quality of life.

  4. On that same note, citizens should join their local citizens' association (neighborhood or town) and encourage those groups to get involved and take a stand.

  5. Spread the word and attend the Growth Forum being sponsored by the League of Women Voters (LWV) on April 27, 2017 (see flyer).  

  6. Join the LWV and volunteer to work with the Observer Corps or other sub-committees to ensure transparency in our local government and provide voter support/info in the next election (2018).

  7. Sign up to receive updates from the County's website here

  8. Email us if you have questions and/or ideas.

Thank You For Your Support!

What's Going On?

Next Round of Comprehensive Plan Workshops Scheduled

According to the Community Planning & Building Website: "We are interested in hearing from you about five key issues identified during 2016."

Five workshops are scheduled. All workshops will be held at the College of Southern Maryland, Prince Frederick Campus at 115 J.W. Williams Road, Prince Frederick from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., with doors opening 30 minutes before each meeting for an open house. Please the County's website for more details.

  1. Monday, Feb. 6, Building B, Providing an Efficient and Multi-modal Transportation System.  

  2. Wednesday, Feb. 22, Building A, Supporting Options in Community Character 

  3. Thursday, March 9, Building A, Strengthening Economic Vitality and Tourism

  4. Monday, March 27, Building B, Fostering Communities with Multi-Generational Opportunities

  5. Thursday, April 6, Building A, Preserving Rural Character and Directing Growth to Existing Population Centers

*A snow date of Monday, February 27 has been reserved in case the first two workshops need to be postponed due to inclement weather. The workshop will be held in Building A.

Commissioners Continue Piecemeal Zoning Changes

April 11, 2017. Despite the fact that a major update to the Comprehensive Plan is underway, with an update to the Zoning Ordinance to follow, the Commissioners are continuing to make piecemeal zoning changes with major ramifications. On April 11, 2017 the Commissioners unanimously approved a provision that allows administrative variances (no public hearing required) for sign height and parking requirements. But such variances are only allowed for national chain stores and restaurants. A letter from the Coalition was read into the record at the hearing but ignored. Click here to read the letter. This scale drawing demonstrating the sign height that will be allowed with a variance was attached to a letter submitted by Miriam Gholl, the Coalition's Secretary.